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College of Education and Human Development Teacher Preparation Portfolios

This site is intended to be clearinghouse for Teacher Ed. student portfolios (i-Folios). A list of competencies will be developed that will be required for students. Each student will maintain his or her own portfolio web site on a College of Education and Human Development server that will contain assignments and projects from a classes, student organizations, community organizations, or personal interests. These projects can then be submitted for evaluation by faculty as to demonstration of required skills or competencies. Some of these may result in an electronic object (PowerPoint, Excel spreadsheet, CAD drawing, movie, etc.) or may be a description on an event (taught a lesson to a fourth grade class). In either case, all relevant documentation will be placed by the student on the student's CEHD web site. The student will send a request to a faculty member to evaluate the projects as to whether it sufficiently demonstrates the related competency. The faculty member can approve, disapprove, or request additional documentation.


Project Coordinator
Ben Smith

Arlen Strader
Bret McGowan (former student)

Supporting Entities
Department of Teaching, Learning, and Culture
CEHD Dean's Office

Original concept and design by the eEducation group in CEHD with support from a PT3 grant from the US Dept. of Education.





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